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 “ Wreck Removal Certificate “  or  WRC

The Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention comes into force on 14 April 2015.  The Convention requires all sea going vessels over 300 GT (including fishing vessels, and both private and commercial yachts) to have in place insurance to cover the location, marking and removal of a wreck, deemed to be a hazard in the convention area of States that are party to the convention. In some cases, this includes their territorial waters, as well as all ports. Most insurance companies have prepared for this, and will issue a document to the owner as proof of indemnity, normally a “blue card”. The blue card is NOT the required certificate.

Each vessel will need a valid WRC certificate kept on board from a State party attesting that the insurance is in force.  In other words if a ship flies the flag of a state that is not a party to the convention – they have to get their certificates from a State Party. Cook Islands acceded to the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention on 22 December 2014 and, as a State Party, Cook Islands are authorised to issue a WRC to any vessel that is flagged to a non-State Party.

As with all Cook Islands procedures, our WRC system is designed to be as fast and simple as possible. All you need to do is as follows:

1) Make sure you have a “blue card” or equivalent, from your insurance company.

    ( Note: The validity of the document will be checked.)

2) Click the link below to a secure web page, and complete the simple form. E-mail an electronic copy of the blue card or equivalent. No need to send the original.

3) Payment is by credit card, and a receipt is issued automatically.

4) The original WRC can be collected from a Cook Islands Regional Office closest to you, or can be sent by courier to your chosen address. The courier fee can be paid at the same time, and covers all locations that are not too remote.  


For any technical enquiry relating to the WRC, please e mail the dedicated team:  


20th January 2015